About Us

Who Are We?

Diamond Counseling, is a Community/Behavioral Health agency who is responsible for assuring the delivery of community based mental health, substance abuse and/or behavioral health services to individuals with those concerns. We provide home-based counseling and crisis stabilization services to individuals who meet criteria.

Our Mission

To assist individuals with reaching their highest level of functioning while realizing their dreams and goals. We develop person-centered treatment plans that provide measurable objectives needed to assist clients with reaching their goals within the identified timeframe.

We're here for you.

At Diamond Counseling, we strive to help individuals reach their highest level of functioning. Our treatment programs are designed to help our clients take the first step in their healing journey in a secure, compassionate therapeutic environment. Each of our treatment programs begins with an individualized, confidential assessment. Then, we create an individualized treatment plan specific to each client’s needs. Admissions to our programs can be voluntary or involuntary, and treatment is administered by a multidisciplinary group of psychiatrists, social workers, activity therapists.

All of our counselors believe that everyone deserves a happy and healthy life!