Our Treatment Programs

Our treatment programs are designed to help our clients take the first step in their healing journey in a secure, compassionate therapeutic environment. Each of our treatment programs begins with an individualized, confidential assessment. Then, we create an individualized treatment plan specific to each client’s needs. Admissions to our programs can be voluntary or involuntary, and treatment is administered by a multidisciplinary group of clincians which include psychiatrists, social workers and activity therapists.

Mental Health Counseling

Our team of licensed Qualified Mental Health Professionals provides clients with up to 15 Hours per week of one on one person-centered:

"Home-Based Counseling" in comfort of your home. Our Clinicians will assist you with identifying goals and work with you on a weekly basis to assist you in reaching those goals.

In-addition to community/home-based counseling services we now offer:

"Crisis Stabilization Services" Which is 7-days per week person- centered rapid recovery services for a maximum of 70 hours per week.

Job Development & Career Coaching

  • Free Occupational Outlook Assessment
  • GED Preparation and Education
  • Development of Resume
  • Posting of Resume on All Major Job Boards
  • Interview Prep/Mock Interview - Role-play
  • Linkage to Career Development & Training Programs
  • Linkage to programs who provide free business attire for interviews

Links Clients To Resources

  • Our agency works with the Department of Social Services as well as Community- Based Non-Profits and Faith-Based Organizations to ensure our clients have access to the wealth of free funding, resources and programs available to them.
  • Our services include but are not limited to navigating clients through government funded housing programs and vouchers
  • Linking client to local pantries to obtain food, toiletries & clothing
  • Linking client and or their children to programs and resources and much more!!

Nutritional Counseling & Medication Management

CThe Founder of our agency is a nutritional consultant who brings a diverse background of healthcare related roles one of which included Pharmaceutical/Nutraceutical Sales with Abbott Laboratories. Our Founder provides clinicians with continuous ongoing education. In-addition to on-going education our clinicians have access to clinical peer-reviewed studies and healthy recipes for each client’s unique needs.

Our Clinicians provide:

1.Nutritional Counseling & Medication Management.
2. Meal Pre-prep.
3. Medication Reminders & Tracking.
4. Food Journaling.

Transportation To Appointments & Assistance with ADL’s

  • We provide our clients with transportation to and from:
  • Medical Appointments
  • Job interviews
  • Court Hearings
  • Therapy Appointments
  • Community Outings
  • We also assist clients with improving their ADL’s Activities of Daily Living and will incorporate this into their treatment plan as needed

Court Ordered Counseling

Our Agency provides court-ordered counseling for clients when appropriate while working with the judicial system to ensure the safety our clients and others

Our Agency will provide the courts with monthly progress updates to ensure participation an compliance with medication management and court-ordered counseling sessions

Admission Criteria Requires one of the following

Home Based Counseling "One of the Following"

  • Previous inpatient psychiatric hospitalization
  • Previous overnight stay at drug detox center
  • Previous overnight stay at crisis stabilization unit
  • Prescribed psychiatric medications within the past 12 months.

Crisis Stabilization Services "One of the Following"

a. The individual is experiencing marked reduction in psychiatric, adaptive, or behavioral functioning;

b. The individual is experiencing extreme increase in emotional distress;

c. The individual needs continuous intervention to maintain stability; or

d. The individual is causing harm to self or others.

The person must be at risk for: a. Psychiatric hospitalization; b. Emergency ICF/IID placement; c. Disruption of community status (living arrangement, day placement, or school); or d. Causing harm to self or others.

Insurances We Accept

  • Virginia Medicaid MCO’s
  • Virginia Premier
  • Magellan
  • Aetna
  • Optima

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